Mauston Women's Night Out with Tele-Ophthalmology

The UW Specialty Clinic at Mile Bluff Medical Center in Mauston, WI team performed photo demonstrations for the UW tele-ophthalmology program on 86 attendees at the 8th Annual Mauston Women’s Night Out, a big increase from last year’s event. Dr. Yao Liu, Catherine Cass, Michel Messer, Stephany Georgeson and Rebecca Swearingen demonstrated the camera, which takes eye photographs to screen for diabetic eye disease. The UW Health Specialty Clinics team also discussed eye health with the Mauston community at this wonderful event.

Tele-ophthalmology uses specialized eye photos to detect eye disease in primary care clinics among patients with diabetes. In the UW Tele-ophthalmology program, these photos are then sent electronically from Mauston and reviewed by specialists in Madison. The results are communicated to the patient’s primary care provider who refers patients with abnormal findings to local eye doctors to obtain further eye care and treatment.

Mauston Women's Night Out 2016

“We want people to be aware of this lowcost eye screening technology available in their local community,” says Dr. Liu. “This technology is fast, painless and sight-saving. This makes it easier for patients to maintain their eye health – our demonstrations tonight were a crucial step in spreading awareness of the importance of getting regular eye checks.”

Tele-ophthalomology in action.




Tele-ophthalmology provides rapid, high-quality eye screening at low cost. It is currently available in the UW Specialty Clinic at Mile Bluff Medical Center in Mauston, WI where patients with diabetes can obtain eye screening on a walk-in basis.

Dr. Liu explaining eye anatomy

We were glad to see so many attendees eagerly waiting in line to participate in our demo screenings and our UW Tele-ophthalmology team is dedicated to saving sight through our efforts at tonight’s event and beyond,” Dr. Liu said.

Mauston Women's Night Out 2016Since 2008, the Women’s Health Initiative (a division of Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation), has been hosting Women’s Night Out.  This annual event was created to bring a fun education event to the women in Wisconsin’s Juneau County, approximately an hour and a half from Madison. This dynamic event is meant to enlighten, educate and encourage local women to live life to its fullest by giving them the tools needed to be empowered and take control of their health.