DOVS Hosts 2018 Multiphasic Phaco Course

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences hosted the annual 2018 Multiphasic Phaco Course on August 17-18 at the Health Sciences Learning Center. The Phaco Course is a two-day event for our residents. Residents and faculty from other programs, including the Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Iowa, Kansas University and veterinary ophthalmology residents, also attend.

The course begins with a Friday afternoon lecture series. First-year residents receive a single curriculum of lectures, with the goal to learn the basic steps of phacoemulsification, while second and third-year residents are provided in alternate years with a curriculum emphasizing complications, style and nuances of cataract surgery.

A networking activity is scheduled in the evening, allowing attendees to interact outside of the didactic and training sessions. On Saturday morning, first and second-year residents take a single pig eye through each step of phacoemulsification with faculty guidance. Third-year residents work with pig eyes on various, more complicated maneuvers including iris hooks, Malyugian rings, and capsular tension rings under direct supervision by faculty.

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