Annual Right to Sight World Sight Day Clinic Held at University Station Eye Clinic

The 2018 Annual Right to Sight World Sight Day Clinic was held Saturday, October 6, 2018, at UW Health University Station Eye Clinic. Nearly 60 people were provided with eye care services.

Since 2007, Combat Blindness International has partnered with UW Health and the University of Wisconsin Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences within the School of Medicine and Public Health to provide services to Dane County residents that are underinsured, or uninsured, and needing eye care. Patients screened at pre-approved clinics can be referred to our every-other-month, Saturday clinic. They are provided with a full eye exam with refraction and dilation, as well as screening for common eye diseases by our doctors, residents and technicians.

This partnership is the only one of its kind with Combat Blindness International in the US and our clinical staff is honored to be a part of their mission, while also providing critical eye care to people in and around Madison that need it most.

“Each one of us understands how important vision is to everything you do in life, so identifying vision loss and reversing it when possible is our focus,” says Anna Momont, MD, who oversees the free clinics. “We are able to see immediate effects from our care when patients walk out of the clinics with the ability to clearly see a family member’s face, or their post-visit paperwork, or the art on the walls – we are motivated by our patients, no matter how they get to us, and want to help them see their world.”

Right To Sight World Sight Day Clinic, October 6, 2018, in Madison, Wis. (Photos © Andy Manis)