Undergraduate Researchers Showcase Work

Nine undergraduate students working in DOVS-associated laboratories this past semester for Introductory Biology 152 presented posters of their work at the Undergraduate Mentored Research Poster Session on April 30, 2019.

Students, titles and their mentors include:

Kalli Choles Identification of novel gene mutations underlying primary congential glaucoma in Homo sapiens Terri Young, MD, MBA; Stuart Tompson; Kristina Whisenhunt
Kwame Frimpong Can we deliver a gene to the optic nerve that will prevent apoptosis of the Retinal Ganglion Cells when ocular pressure is increased? Curtis Brandt, PhD; Sarah Ferguson
Wesley Kelly Relationship between added sugar intake and cataract extraction among women in the Cartenoids in Age-Related Eye Disease Study, an ancillary study to the Women’s Health Initiative Julie Mares, PhD, MSPH; Krista Christensen
Andrew Liu Protection of CYP1B1 deficient Retinal Perivascular supporting cells from oxidative stress by 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone Nader Sheibani, PhD
Ryan Lopez Measured vs. published bioavailability of Telmisartan in Felis catus Gillian McLellan, BVMS, PhD; Julie Kiland
Elizabeth Schuetz Use of Vaccinia virus F1L through gene therapy to advance treatment of glaucoma Curtis Brandt, PhD; Aaromn Kolb
Hannah Walleck Validation of the TonoVet Plus® tonometer in normal cats and cats with glaucoma Gillian McLellan, BVMS, PhD; Julie Kiland
Brenna Wetherbee Performance of the PhenoSys quantitative optomotor response system for distinguishing visual acuity between wildtype and rd1 mouse mice Gillian McLellan, BVMS, PhD; Kore Chan; Julie Kiland
Paige Pribble Creating a stable cell line of CHO-K1 cells with a particular mutation through a gene editing process Bikash Pattnaik (affiliate faculty member), PhD; Pawan Shahi

It is clear that the academic community regards the involvement of undergraduate student majors in meaningful research … with faculty members as one of the most powerful of instructional tools (NSF, 1989, p.6)

DOVS faculty are committed to supporting undergraduate research education at UW-Madison.