DOVS Mentee Presents at 2019 Medical Student Research Forum

The 2019 Medical Student Research Forum was held on November 25, 2019, at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health’s Health Sciences Learning Center. Jackson Korger, a second-year medical student, presented a poster for his project, “The Relationship of the Density of Retinal Carotenoids to Retinal Measures of Vascular Health Fifteen Years Later in the Carotenoids in Age-Related Eye Study (CAREDS), an Ancillary Study of the Women’s Health Initiative.” Julie Mares, PhD, MSPH, professor, was his mentor on the project. Korger also credits Barbara Blodi, MD, professor and medical director of the Fundus Photograph Reading Center (FPRC), and Amitha Domalpally, MD, PhD, research director of the FPRC, for arranging for his training at the FPRC, where he completed some of his work.