Education Team Creates Halloween Fun for Residents and Fellows

COVID-19 continues to turn our lives upside down. Like never before, our well-being is impacted by limitations to socialize, participate in our favorite group activities, and travel. The Education Team recognizes the need to adapt to this new environment and continue its commitment to building community among our learners with a focus on wellness. In the past few months we have planned and facilitated our monthly resident meetings in the outdoors, keeping social distance and enjoying the fresh air of early fall. In addition, we have provided additional time during our resident meetings to reflect on the current situation in which we find ourselves. As these changes take a toll, we wanted to organize a celebration of the season, something that could include our learners as well as their families.

On the morning of Saturday, October 23, the lawn in front of 2828 Marshall Court was temporarily transformed into a pumpkin patch that was carefully tended to by our green thumb residency program director, Andrew Thliveris, MD, PhD, who was dressed up as a rancher. All residents, clinical fellows and their families were invited and encouraged to join us “on the farm.” Monkeys, Ninja Turtles, and multiple superheroes attended the event and walked between two cars loaded with candy for the opportunity to “trunk-or-treat.”

In addition to candy and pumpkins, the attendees were provided with pumpkin carving kits. Later that evening, the participants met virtually and carved pumpkins. Recipes to roast pumpkin seeds and stories celebrating Halloween were enjoyed by everyone.

These are indeed unusual times. The Wellness Committee, led by Drs. Anna Momont, Shilpa Reddy, Paige Richards, and Tyler Boulton, has had to switch course in order to provide opportunities that follow the rules of our ever-changing COVID-19 landscape. The Education Team along with the Wellness Committee will continue to build a strong community and focus on wellness. If you have ideas for community building and wellness that can be implemented following COVID guidelines and recommendations, please send them to