Fundus Photograph Reading Center Renamed to Wisconsin Reading Center

The former Fundus Photograph Reading Center (FPRC), a leader in ophthalmic imaging evaluation since 1970, has been renamed to the Wisconsin Reading Center (WRC).

The new name is a reflection of the WRC’s increased range of imaging modalaties and points to growth in areas such as artificial intelligene and deep learning. The name also honors the center’s location and affiliation with the University of Wisconsin, an internationally recognized research jaugernaut.

The WRC analyzes retinal images in an effort to provide an unbiased and comprehensive source of data for clinical trials of diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusion, uveitis, inherited retinal dieseases and drug safety trials, providing top quality retinal imaging data to researchers worldwide.

Matthew D. Davis, MD, third department chair and son of the department’s founder, established the FPRC when he ascended to chair in 1970. DOVS became a powerhouse in ocular imaging and Dr. Davis chaired the first NEI-funded national clinical trial to study diabetic retinopathy; his classification system became the gold standard for defining this ocular disease. (You can read about the legacy of Dr. Davis here.)

Under the leadership of Barbara Blodi, MD, medical director of the WRC and mentee of Dr. Davis; Amitha Domalpally, MD, PhD, research director of the WRC; and Michael Altaweel, MD, co-director of the WRC, the Wisconsin Reading Center intends to build upon the strong foundation of the past 50 years.