DOVS and UW School of Veterinary Medicine Team Up for Ocular Pathology Day

The UW Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (DOVS) and the UW School of Veterinary Medicine were proud to have successfully hosted another annual Ocular Pathology Day on September 17, 2021.

The morning began virtually with a grand rounds presentation by Penn Medicine’s Vivian Lee, MD, who detailed advancements in the realm of molecular pathology. Specifically, she spoke to the contributory effects of environmental factors such as UV radiation on tumorigenic pathways as well as the identification of novel biomarkers that may have diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic implications in the management of certain cancers. After her talk, attendees were then treated to a lecture series given by Dr. Lee covering the basics of ocular pathology.

Ocular Pathology Day participants

(Pictured: Participants of the 2021 Ocular Pathology Day)

Participants then migrated over to the UW School of Veterinary Medicine for lunch and a talk from UW’s own Leandro Teixeira, DVM, who compared the ocular anatomy and histology of human eyes to other animals and their evolutionary adaptations. Afterwards, the day concluded with an interactive readout session in one of the Renk Learning Center rooms with DOVS professor Heather Potter, MD and her team of ocular pathology fellows, Anthony Gyzeli and Steven Shen. This didactic session entailed reviewing a curated set of cases designed to demonstrate many of the overarching concepts taught that morning and showcase some of the merits of ocular pathology.

All in all, the event was a resounding success with overwhelmingly positive feedback both in regards to the interdisciplinary collaboration between the departments and the interactivity of the readout session in the afternoon.