New Pediatric Ophthalmology Rotation Announced

The UW Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences is pleased to announce a new pediatric ophthalmology rotation. The new three-week rotation, which officially launched in September 2022, is designed to address the critical shortage of pediatric ophthalmologists nationwide.

According to the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS), approximately 25 U.S. residents pursue a career in pediatric ophthalmology annually, which is well below the number needed to adequately address the need. As a result, millions of people throughout the United States do not have access to a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Yasmin S. Bradfield, MD, a pediatric ophthalmologist, is chair of a new AAPOS task force charged with exploring ways to increase medical students’ exposure to the pediatric ophthalmology subspeciality. One of the outcomes of the task force was the decision to partner with the UW Pediatrics Department to design a curriculum that provides learners with hands-on experience, including pediatric eye exams.

“This new rotation is a step in the right direction to increase pediatric ophthalmologists nationwide,” Bradfield said. “By partnering with pediatrics, we can access learners early who have already expressed interest in working with children and families.”