Primary ocular melanoma in dogs.

Publications // Richard Dubielzig // Jul 01 1983

PubMed ID: 6623842

Author(s): Diters RW, Dubielzig RR, Aguirre GD, Acland GM. Primary ocular melanoma in dogs. Vet Pathol. 1983 Jul;20(4):379-95.

Journal: Veterinary Pathology, Volume 20, Issue 4, Jul 1983

The clinical signs, gross and microscopic appearance, treatment, and follow-up results of 35 dogs with primary ocular melanomas are reviewed. The melanomas are classified as epibulbar or intraocular based on the site of origin. The intraocular tumors are classified as spindle A, spindle B, mixed spindle B and epithelioid, and purely epithelioid based on cytologic criteria. The pathologic findings are matched with the follow-up history in an attempt to determine which features have prognostic significance. The findings are contrasted to those of similar studies of spontaneous ocular melanomas in man.