Actively Recruiting // Clinical Trials // Inherited Retinal Degeneration // Kimberly Stepien // Sep 30 2020

Rate of Progression in EYS Related Retinal Degeneration (Pro-EYS)

  • Sponsor: Jaeb Center for Health Research
  • Principal Investigator: Kimberly Stepien, MD
  • Study Coordinator: Nickie Stangel

Study objective:

This study will help to gain a better understanding of the natural history of retinal degeneration associated with biallelic pathogenic mutations in the EYS gene.

Study design:

This is a multicenter, longitudinal, prospective natural history study. Participants will be assigned to one of three “Vision Cohorts” based on visual acuity (VA) and kinetic visual fields (VF).

Diagnosis and Key Eligibility Criteria:

Ages ≥18 years with clinical diagnosis of retinal dystrophy and disease-causing variants in the EYS gene.

Duration of study: Approximately 4 years

For more information, contact Nickie Stangel 608-263-8783