Registration WILL OPEN IN WINTER 2021!

FRIDAY, JULY 9, 2021

  • Retinal Imaging Conference – 8:30am – 4pm // Union South, Marquee Theater
    • Offering 6 CME*
    • Cost for Program = $120/registrant and includes breakfast, lunch, and celebration dinner
  • DOVS 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION – 6-10PM // Union South, Varsity Hall
    • Connect with your fellow faculty, alumni, administrative and clinical staff during this wonderful evening of celebrating 50 years of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at UW-Madison
    • Program will include awards, music, mingling and more


  • 8:00am  // Breakfast and Registration // Union South, Varsity Hall
  • 8:25     “Welcome: Introduction of Keynote Speaker” Burt Kushner, MD
  • 8:30    Keynote Address // “Well-Being is a Skill” presented by Professor Richard Davidson, Chair of the Center for Healthy Minds
  • 9:15     “The DOVS Residency Program: Then and Now” Andy Thliveris, MD, PhD, Vice Chair of Resident Education, Residency Director
  • 9:25     “MIGS, Drugs and Scans: How New Ideas Have Impacted Glaucoma Care” Gregg Heatley, MD, MMM
  • 9:40     “New Therapies in Uveitis”  Laura Kopplin, MD, PhD
  • 9:55     “Update on Thyroid Eye Disease” Suzanne van Landingham, MD
  • 10:10    PANEL: Q&A with prior speakers
  • 10:30   BREAK
  • 10:45    “Keratoprosthesis Surgery: Indications and Results”  Sarah Nehls, MD
  • 11:00    “Building a Research Powerhouse” Curtis Brandt, PhD, FARVO
  • 11:15      “Three Generations of DOVS Chairs” Speakers TBA
  • 11:30     “A Neural Network Model for GCA Risk Scoring”  Yanjun Judy Chen, MD, PhD
  • 11:45     PANEL: Q&A with prior speakers
  • 12:00pm   LUNCH // Afternoon session will move into the Marquee Theater (2nd Floor)
  • 1:00      “Novel Ocular Imaging and Genomics of Childhood Glaucoma”  Terri Young, MD, MBA, FARVO, and Yasmin Bradfield, MD
  • 1:15:     “Low Vision Services: Improving Quality of Life One Patient at a Time” Sanbrita Mondal, OD
  • 1:30      “Celebrating the Growth of International Ophthalmology at DOVS”  Cat Burkat, MD, and Yasmin Bradfield, MD
  • 1:45      “Retina 20/20 and Beyond: Innovations in Retina Therapy” Jonathan Chang, MD, and Kathleen Regan, MD
  • 2:00      “Combining Human Stem Cell Biology and Microfabricated Scaffolds to Create an Outer Retinal Macular Patch” David Gamm, MD, PhD
  • 2:15      “Updates from the Field of Inherited Retinal Disease”  Kimberly Stepien, MD, and Melanie Schmitt, MD
  • 2:30      “Three Distinguished Alumni” TBA
  • 2:45     “Innovations in Corneal Neurotization” Cat Burkat, MD, and Sarah Nehls, MD
  • 2:55     “The Wisconsin Reading Center and its Clinical Relevance” Barbara Blodi, MD
  • 3:05     PANEL: Q&A with prior speakers
  • 3:25     Meeting Concludes
  • 3:30      Subspecialty Groups Convene

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We have set up special rates for the 2020 Experience Weekend at the following hotels for your convenience. Please call properties directly or follow the links below to book by June 9, 2021:

 * Pending official program approval for CME hours.

Join the UW-Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences for a virtual installment of our time-honored tradition of Learner’s Day! The event, though it may be held a little differently this year, celebrates our learning community and will feature research presentations and posters from medical students, residents, clinical fellows, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.



We invite you to join the UW-Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences in celebrating its 2019 graduating residents and fellows. Please complete the form below by June 10, 2019.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison and Medical College of Wisconsin are proud to partner again on the annual Learner’s Day conference that celebrates our learning community. This internal event features research presentations and posters from medical students, residents, clinical fellows, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Want to join us? COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW by June 14, 2019.


  • 8:00am   Registration and Breakfast 
  • 8:30        Opening Remarks – Marilyn Kay, MD, Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Education, UW Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Session I: Moderator // Jennifer C. Larson, MD

  • 8:35     “Utilizing Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) to Standardize Handoffs in Ophthalmology” – Lynn Sun, MD (Deborah Costakos, MD, MS)
  • 8:50     “Use of Alcohol Swabs and Non-sterile Gloves in Preparation of Anti-VEGF Medication for Intravitreal Injection” – Kathleen Regan, MD (Jonathan Chang, MD)
  • 9:05     “Same-Day Case Cancellations at the Milwaukee VA” – Alison Teo, MD (Bhavna Sheth, MD)
  • 9:20     “Retinal Detachment Outcomes” – Zackery Oakey, MD (Jonathan Chang, MD)
  • 9:35     “Schlemm’s Canal: Imaging, Pressure, Catheterization, Gene RX” – Sri Meghana Konda, MBBS (Paul Kaufman, MD)
  • 9:50     “Immunological Profiling of Sebaceous Carcinoma” – Chris Bowen, MD, MS (Mark Lucarelli, MD, FACS; Cat Burkat, MD, FACS)

10:05     Session II: Poster Session

Session III: Moderator // Iris Kassem, MD, PhD

  • 10:35     “Nylon Implants in Orbital Fracture Repair” – Victor Liou, MD (Neda Esmaili, MD)
  • 10:50     “Orbital Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: Case Series and Review”Suzanne van Landingham, MD (Mark Lucarelli, MD, FACS; Cat Burkat, MD, FACS)
  • 11:05     “Retinopathy of Prematurity in Infants Weighing Less than 500 grams at Birth”Jhaj Gurdeep, MD (Iris Kassem, MD, PhD; Deborah Costakos, MD, MS)
  • 11:20     “MRI and Clinical Grading of Papilledema in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)”Nathan Mathews, MD (Yanjun Chen, MD, PhD)
  • 11:35     “Review of Common Ocular Presentations to the Emergency Department (ED)”Alana Trotter, MD (Cat Burkat, MD, FACS)

11:50     LUNCH

12:20PM     Session IV: Poster Session

Session V: Moderator // Evan J. Warner, MD

  • 12:50   “Association Between Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Inflammatory Eye Disease” – Sapna Desai, MD (Laura Kopplin, MD, PhD)
  • 1:05     “Retrospective Analysis of Teaching Cataract Surgery” – Meisha Raven, DO (Daniel Knoch, MD; Stephen Sauer, MD; Andrew Thliveris, MD, PhD)
  • 1:20     “Evaluation of Corneal Endothelial Integrity in Post-Surgical Pediatric Cataract with Lens Implantation” – Nathan Carpenter, MD (Yasmin Bradfield, MD; Michael Struck, MD)
  • 1:35     “Improving Post-Cataract Refractive Outcomes – A Resident Experience” – Christopher Spearman, MD (Daniel Knoch, MD)
  • 1:50     “Macular Status and Fluid Drainage in Scleral Buckle Surgery” – Braden Burckhard, MD (Alex Ringeisen, MD; Edwin Ryan, MD)
  • 2:05     Award for Best Resident Presentation – Judges Panel: Marilyn Kay, MD; Iris Kassem, MD, PhD; Andrea Stahulak, MD
  • 2:10        Closing Remarks – Deborah Costakos, MD, MS, Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Ophthalmology, Eye Institute – Medical College of Wisconsin
  • 2:15        Closing Remarks – Terri Young, MD, MBA, FARVO, Peter A. Duehr Professor and Chair, UW Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

2:20    Event End

Looks like MS. Sounds like MS. It’s not MS.” presented by Dr. Nathan Mathews.

Neurostimulation for Dry Eye Disease” – Paul Selid, MD

A Horseshoe Tear Is More Than Meets The Eye” – Minh Nguyen, 4th year medical student